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Police Department

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270 North Clark
(307) 754-2212


The Powell Police Department is a full service police agency providing a wide range of public safety services to the citizens of Powell. The Police Department is the largest department within City government and is comprised of 25 personnel allocated as follows:



Chief of Police


Patrol Division
3 Sergeants
9 Uniform Patrol Officers



1 Investigator
1 Task Force Officer


Community Services

1 Community Services Officer


School Resource Officers

1 School Resource Officer (Park County School District #1)
1 Campus Resource Officer (Northwest College)



1 Records/Communications Supervisor
5 Dispatchers



The Powell Police is constantly seeking those individuals who are interested in serving the community in the capacity of a Reserve Police Officer or Dispatcher. Reserves serve the same function as regular employees but do so on a part-time basis only. Currently we have:
2 Reserve Dispatchers


As a government agency the Powell Police Department is committed to an ideal of delivering competent, professional police services of the highest quality; while emphasizing the importance of individual and collective character, as the foundation for establishing the trust based relationship with the citizens we serve that is necessary for us to be truly effective in accomplishing our mission. This ideal is articulated in the Department's Strategic Plan, a portion of which follows:


Mission Statement

The mission of the Powell Police is to pursue justice and maintain the public peace and order of the community.

Organizational Philosophy

The Powell Police recognize that we perform our duties in the framework of a constitutional republic form of government and that we perform our duties under the authority of the United States and State of Wyoming constitutions and their respective laws by the power, authority and consent of the people. To be effective in accomplishing our mission it is necessary to establish a trust-based relationship by being professional public servants with the highest integrity and discharging our duties competently.


Vision Statement

The vision for what the Powell Police wants to be and accomplish as an organization include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. To be consistently effective in carrying out our mission according to the principles set forth in the constitution and the law.
  2. To hold the trust and confidence of our citizens and be respected by them for our competency and character.
  3. To be responsive to the policing needs of the community in an ever-changing society.

Message from the Mayor




I hope you all had a great summer!  Footballs are flying, the Farmers are well into the fall harvest and summer is gone. It has been a very busy summer for the city & our employees. The Solid Waste Transfer Station and attached Sanitation Shop along with the Powell Municipal Airport Terminal and attached Maintenance Shop are right on schedule. City electric crews are wiring the entire Transfer Station building and provided the power service to the new Airport Terminal building. The majority of funding for these two projects came from State and Federal grants.

Thanks to Park Co. School District No. 1 and the Safe Routes to School Program, new sidewalks are being installed around town to provide safer access for children walking to school. City crews are working with the contractor to relocate street signs. State grant funds are helping with this project making it safer for our kids to walk to school.

We have completed our summer slurry and chip seal program. This included 120,000 square yards of slurry seal 34,000 yards of chip seal. These projects were done with money from Powell’s share of consensus money from the State Land Investment Board (SLIB).  South Bent Street, Tower Blvd and a portion of Panther Blvd and Gilbert Street were chip sealed. The surface of these streets were too bad for normal slurry seal. We are finished street striping and will begin grading alleys soon.

As we move from fall to winter, I would like to remind everyone to “Drive for Conditions” and “Be Careful”.  Snow and ice removal and street sanding will only take place during normal working hours.

This summer the water department installed an overflow line on the east water tower to prevent street flooding.  They have also been building up and re-rocking the banks of the lagoons.

Other large projects have been keeping us busy with the relocating and the installation of new utilities.

  • A new 28,000 square foot academic building at Northwest College which will be a beautiful addition to what I think is the nicest junior college campus in the state.

  • One Stop Motor Sports, Specialty Tool and Attachments, Gluten Free Oats, Immanuel Lutheran Church and New Life Church. These are all new construction Projects.

  •  Two new residentual subdivisions, Cedarwood  4 and Peterson 4   

Powell PD welcomes new Police Officer Trevor Carpenter; he will be filling a position that has been vacant since 2010. We are also welcoming new Dispatcher Jessie Hodges, coming to us from Teton County.  Over the Summer months the City of Powell acquired a mobile command post through a grant from Homeland Security, and most recently purchased two 2009 Dodge Ram pickups from Sublette County.  Yes, they really were purchased for $10 each.



Don E. Hillman


City of Powell

Don Hillman

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