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City of Powell Parks Department


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503 Homesteader Court t
(307) 754-9417


Parks Department

There are 9 City Parks that cover about 125 acres. These parks have a variety amenities comprising of open green spaces, picnic tables and picnic shelters, playgrounds, tennis courts, skate park/bmx/inline, wading pool, band shell and stage, 1.5 miles of paved walking/biking trails, basketball courts, soccer fields, horseshoe pitches, fishing pond, RC off-road track, ice skating and skate rental, four softball, one American Legion and one Babe Ruth baseball fields. There are also 2.5 miles of landscaped canal banks and a Veteran’s Memorial that are maintained by the Parks Department. Future development may see additional park areas. The Parks Department is also responsible for all City right-of-way, park and public trees including the downtown treescape.


The Parks Department can be reached at (307) 754-9417. Before calling with any questions you may wish to check our FAQ link or other City links that may answer your question promptly. For your convenience, to report any park or tree maintenance items requiring attention you may also send an e-mail to but please use this only for normal correspondence, not for an emergency.


Along with the Parks Superintendent/City Arborist, your City of Powell Parks Department consists of a team of qualified and skilled individuals. The ISA certified arborist and municipal specialist provides tree care and maintenance. There is a Parks Facilities Foreman, Building Maintenance Technician, Plant Health Care Specialist, Sports Field/Turf Grass Maintenance Technician, Landscape and Irrigation Specialist. They maintain all park facilities in cooperation with other City departments.



Parks List

JK Grover Park – West Baldridge Drive

Woods Park – Avenue K/Mountain View

Washington Park – 351 West 2nd Street

Homesteader Park – 1049 East Coulter

Westside Park – 950 Avenue K

Southside Park – 755 East Jefferson

Veterans Park – East 5th Street/North Evarts

Beartooth Park – 411 Beartooth Drive

Veterans Memorial – Park Co. Road 10/U.S. Hwy. 14




Trees are Good

Drought Monitor

USDA Forest Service

Wyoming State Forestry Division

International Society of Arboriculture

Cheyenne Department of Urban Forestry

Wyoming Groundskeepers and Growers Association

International Society of Arboriculture - Rocky Mountian Chapter

Tree Planting Permit


Message from the Mayor



I hope we have seen the last of winter. It seemed that it lasted forever. Now we just need it to dry out a little so the farmers can get their crops in.

 My first year as your Mayor seemed to fly by; all and all it was a good year for me and a good year for the city. There were a few little bumps in the road but I expected that. We completed the New SRE Building at the airport which houses a new Fixed Base Operator area as well as storage garage for snow removal equipment. This project was long overdue and turned out very nice.  If you get a chance, drive out and take a look. I am sure Debbie would be glad to show you around.

After five years of working on garbage (MSW), I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station is up and running. Pending Council’s approval we will be delivering our garbage to the Billings City Landfill around the first of July at a cost of $57.00 per ton (that includes tipping fees and transportation cost).  Based on 5,000 ton per year, which is probably low, this will amount to approximately $155,000 dollars a year reduction in garbage disposal expense for the City of Powell. MSW disposal is still very expensive, but at this time I don’t see any better options.

We have seen positive growth with a couple of new subdivisions and some building activity in Water Tower West. This activity along with normal maintenance have kept our City crews very busy this past year.

We are looking forward to next year. We have no major projects planned. We will be doing our normal maintenance, slurry seal, chip seal, hot mix, electric pole replacement, finish replacing the light fixtures downtown and other street repairs.   Our budget for next fiscal year should be finalized in the next couple of weeks, and I am hoping we can put a little money in our General Fund Reserve like we did last year and get it back up to where our auditors recommend it should be.

We will be looking at water and sewer mains that are old and need to be replaced. I requested that the Engineering Department and the Water Department come up with a priority list which they have done. These mains are very old and we need to come up with a replacement schedule and cost. This problem is not going to go away the longer we prolong; the worse it is going to get.

 I hope you enjoy your summer.


Don E. Hillman


City of Powell

Don Hillman

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