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Animal Shelter


2015 Pet Licenses are now available at the LEC. We are Open 24 Hours

Please remember to bring your pet's current rabies vaccination certificate. Proof of spaying/neutering is required if you would like to save $8.00. Ordinance #6.08.010 License, registration and vaccination required.


To view a more complete list of pets impounded visit Petfinder


Hoot and Spook, vaccinated & altered, are two young 5-mth-old kittens ready to destroy the mice in your shop or barn.  Adopt from the City of Powell Animal Shelter.  754-1019


Svart, a neutered male Labrador Retriever mis, was found near Bernard/4th.  Claim/adopt from the City of Powell Animal Shelter.  754-1019



Misha (mish-ka) is a 8 year-old Karelian Bear Dog.  Misha's owner passed away and now needs a home.  Spayed, vaccinated, housebroke, quiet and likes kids.  City of Powell Animal Shelter.  754-1019


Bella is 3-yr-old spayed/vaccinated black SH cat whose owner developed severe allergies to dander.  Bella can be adopted from the City of Powell Animal Shelter.  754-1019


“Dallas” is a 9 year old Border Collie mix that was adopted as a young pup from the Powell/Moyers Shelter in 2007.   “Dallas” is having to find a new home because his owner has health issues and moving away for treatments. He gets along with cats and other critters, loves people.  City of Powell Animal Shelter.  754-1019

Message from the Mayor



My sprinkler guy blew my sprinkler system out yesterday, so it must be time for another message from the Mayor. As I said in my last letter we did not have any major projects planned for this year just routine maintenance.

We completed our street maintenance which included 135,000 square yards of slurry seal and 15,667 square yards of chip seal.

We started testing electric poles by using a system where you take a core sample of the base of the poles to give us a good idea of what shape our poles are in and what kind of maintenance program we need to get into. We will do this on a random basis and hopefully we will be able to spot trouble before it starts.  The Electric Department started replacing critical poles in October.

We delivered our first load of MSW to the Billings landfill on July 1st at a cost of $56.75 per ton delivered which cut expenses by $31.50 per ton.

The City is exploring some options with the State Treasurer’s Office as to how we invest our Aquatic Center Endowment fund money.  This could be very beneficial for the City, and I will keep you posted on this one.

We have seen the addition of 24 new apartments, and several small single family homes. 

I have a list of water and sewer mains provided to me by the water department that are way over due to be replaced. We plan to get that project up and running next year using money from the rate increases that were passed this year and from various state and federal money. We cannot overlook these projects because they are not going away, and they will just get more expensive.

Ben Hubbard started as the Building Official on Oct. 15th.  We invite you to come introduce yourself the next time you have a building project.  He has an extensive background in construction and we are excited to have him aboard.

Once again winter driving conditions are almost upon us, and the City Streets Department will try and get things sanded using as little overtime as possible while still getting the job done when needed. As always, please drive with caution.


Don E. Hillman


City of Powell

Don Hillman

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